The Company


l Conchel Original Food promotes the need to feed in a simple, balanced and traditional way,
For that we feel responsible to create products that help our customers every day and of course keeping the traditional manufacturing and preserving their original taste generation after generation.

All our products are made using traditional technics, offering first quality products that appeal to the customers’s old memories, but at the same time they need to be up to date to the actual consumption trends.


Our mision is to produce and marketing first quality meat products, made using craft recipes and the best technics and machinery available in the market, improving everyday throught investigation, development and innovation, ensuring the highest food safety.


Help our customers to have a healthy, comfortable and simple lifestyle, making available to them our products and services.


  • The honesty of the people in our Company and external partners.
  • The honesty of the people in our Company and external partners.
  • Customers´ satisfaction is our purpose, so we adapt ourselves to their needs.
  • We guarantee making great quality products to our customers, in compliance with the food safety laws.
  • The respect to the people who work in El Conchel, recognizing their work and dedication.
  • Focused in improving our traditional products as well as intern process, staff training and the best technology.
  • We look after our main points.

Meats and Meat Products Traditional Craftsmen

Great experience in the production of traditional regional sausages, of Serrano ham and our current bet, ready meals easy and simple to do.


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