Quality and Food Safety

El Conchel’s leitmotiv is to guarantee the best quality and food safety in all the products we make, that obligates us to work with the tenacy to compliance the most strict laws.

Quality And Harmlessness Policy

El Conchel Original Food, S.A. board comunicate their commitment to implement and mantein the quality system, developing it continously, conveying to all the El Conchel’s staff that commitment to compliance and achieve all the expectatives and requirements of our customers and laws that afect our company.

Quality and harmlessness policy is integrated by the next principles:

Achieve the full satisfaction of our customers being excellent in quality and food safety in all our product and services.

  • Resolving complaints and sugestions received from our customers.
  • The quality excellence in our products and services.
  • Gain the confidence of our customers making our product safer every day.
  • Flexibility and adaptability of our customers's needs.

El Conchel is commited to compliance all the legal regulations.

The continous improvement in all our process, products and services, puting effort in all the parts of our company help us to get better the whole company.

Foster the training to have the most trained staff and aware of quality and food safety.

Developing employment and help our social enviroment is one most important thing to El Conchel.
Saying it in our corporate social responsability report.

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