Spanish Cold meats. Meat craft products using legendary récipes. Authentic taste.

Specialist in cold meat products, spanish chorizo, black puding, sausages, etc. Natural smoked bacon, serrano ham, and craft ready meals. Easy to prepare.


Our meat products and cold meats have their origin in legendary recipes got from other generations . Protecting the main process and ingredients to guarantee the product´s quality.


Every product is made in a natural way, to help our customers to enjoy our food, and to avoid they may be worried about their helth.


Selecting our raw materials, and strict process control system, guarantee all our product.


El Conchel Offers the best service and products to retailers, wholesailers, Supermarkets, and catering companies.

Tailored solutions to your business


Our distribution network spreads throughout the whole Spain having mora than 100 distributors, selling them mostly serrano ham, cold meat products and cooked products.

Supermarket Chains

El Conchel´s products are available in main supermarkets in Castilla-La Mancha and Spain, offering them our large range of self-service products.

Catering Companies

El Conchel has developed a large range of ready meals products, that fit properly in modern restaurants and catering services, a very famous spanish plate called TAPAS.


The main retail market of El Conchel is in Castilla-La Mancha, offering a integral and personal service, including logistic services that permit us to send the customers the products almost every day.

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